Sunday, June 13, 2010

Station 5 T-Shirts

We have a sample of the Station 5 T-Shirt(off duty) at Station 9 and a list with it if you are interested in getting one. Stop by if you want to check it out and hopefully next day I will try to get a picture of it on here. These shirts were put together by Aaron Barger who did a lot of the final art work for the new Station 5 table. The prices for the shirts are SS-$19, LS-$23, and kids-$12.

As for the rest of our day we were busy as normal taking up the slack for our famous Lt back on vacation again. Yes, I know what you are thinking, Good-O is always on vacation, but this time he is back visiting his close family in Alabama where he said he wants to move back to when he retires. Matt (Big Toe) Wheeling is back with us after his 3 cycle vacation and it is great to have you back big guy.

We also had our annual MDA golf tourney last week and Station 9 was proud to put 2 teams in the running this year with a little help from Dr Able and Lt Broadway rounding out the second team. Fun was had by all and lets just say neither one of our teams were in the running for the best score. We might not of placed 1st, 2nd or even in the top 10 but our very own BEVO did win closest to the pin on par 3 and winning a brand new driver for his efforts. Thanks to Becky Smith for putting on a great tournament this year and all that helped make it a huge success.

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