Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Sorry We're Closed"

Thank you for checking out our blog. It's been a fun ride. I don't know how long this will stay alive in cyber space, it would be cool to look through the posts a few years from now. We'll see. Anyways, this is the last post. I leave you with a final shot of number 9 and a slide show. I had a bunch of pics and put it together with some music. It's pretty long and the songs repeat but it was fun to look back.
Thanks again for checking us out. As always, be safe out there.....
Good O
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

One last goodbye

Yesterday we had a little gathering for the retirees to come by and see the old stations for the last time. Both 5 and 9 had refreshments and some good company. Some of the guys that worked here years ago stopped in as well as some of their children and wives. We heard some great stories from everyone. Even the kids (all grown up now) told us about when they would come to the candy store. Stories of washing the tires after every run, shoveling coal in the basement and fighting fire were told by all.
It was an honor to spend a few hours with these guys. Thank you all for coming by. Here are a few shots I got during the day. WDBJ and WSLS did a few interviews of some of the guys, check it out.
That's it for now......we shut it down Tuesday morning. Be safe out there.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Station 5 T-Shirts

We have a sample of the Station 5 T-Shirt(off duty) at Station 9 and a list with it if you are interested in getting one. Stop by if you want to check it out and hopefully next day I will try to get a picture of it on here. These shirts were put together by Aaron Barger who did a lot of the final art work for the new Station 5 table. The prices for the shirts are SS-$19, LS-$23, and kids-$12.

As for the rest of our day we were busy as normal taking up the slack for our famous Lt back on vacation again. Yes, I know what you are thinking, Good-O is always on vacation, but this time he is back visiting his close family in Alabama where he said he wants to move back to when he retires. Matt (Big Toe) Wheeling is back with us after his 3 cycle vacation and it is great to have you back big guy.

We also had our annual MDA golf tourney last week and Station 9 was proud to put 2 teams in the running this year with a little help from Dr Able and Lt Broadway rounding out the second team. Fun was had by all and lets just say neither one of our teams were in the running for the best score. We might not of placed 1st, 2nd or even in the top 10 but our very own BEVO did win closest to the pin on par 3 and winning a brand new driver for his efforts. Thanks to Becky Smith for putting on a great tournament this year and all that helped make it a huge success.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A-Shift......Counting down...........

It's the first day of the cycle. We are up to seven calls as of now, with a stabbing for the last one. Yes, summertime is here.
On scene I don't worry. Gangster Bevo always has our back. Here is a pic of the Enforcer fresh out of prison.......

We spent some time walking through the new station today. It's looking like the date is set. The new place opens 0750 22June2010. The counter we have is now accurate. Here are a few shots of the new crib:

Back here at 9.....the old place is slowly being stripped.

One day we'll be driving by talking about the days we ran out of here. The vehicles that were staffed here like the Ladder, Engine, Medic and even our neighbor Clyde's bicycle seen here with Franks Armstrong.

Other than the final meetings and signing of our annual evaluations in a secure location.....

.....that's all we have for tonight. The new legs for the table arrived today. That should all come together soon. We'll post the goodbye gathering at 9 and 5 coming up soon. Until next day, be safe out there.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

June 22, 2010 Moving day

It's late and it's busy. E9 or what ever we are up to 9 runs in the book so far. I'll get some pics up soon. We have been labeled E5 (literally) since we got our truck back today. So don't be confused, there may be two Engine 5's on scene for the next few weeks. You can tell it's Engine 9 by the better looking crew. Or the first in engine on scene....just kidding, no not really.
Wheels is still diaper changing and will keep it up for another cycle. Franks is off next cycle too. Tune back in next week for more adventures of NW. Good night folks, be safe out there.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A-Shift real post.

It's true I was away on RS1 for the day. It was my first time and an eye opener. 10calls with codes, stabbing/Gold alert, pediatric trauma alert and more. I like the busy days and I'll admit it was fun.
As the title says...this will be the real post. The previous was done by our very own FF Jerry "I know it's a working fire but I am too husky to fit through the door" Franks. Not exactly a true picture in that post, but I am glad he kept the blog alive.
As I said it was a busy day. There was also a working fire, not too much, but a fire anyway. We(E9-M9-RS1)all got to respond, as well as our soon to be family at 5, Ladder 2, Engine 2, Battalion 2 and the Southies with service truck 1. Here are a few shots...

That's all we have for the first day.....we are back Tuesday. Be safe out there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We are so proud

We are back for another cycle and what a great day to be at work. Wheels is still out playing Diaper-Changer and I am sure that by now he is an expert on this skill and by the way congrats to Dr Wheel for passing all of his practicals for Paramedic last week. Since Wheels is still out we are short 2 and we have Tyrone from old #5 playing Dr with us today and I actually believe he is excited about putting band-aids on today so look out. I did mention we were short 2 so that leaves us with our Lt missing this morning but we found him this morning on his new ride. We knew he has been looking for a motorcycle for a while now and I guess he decided to get the Secret Suz-Kaw-Hon-364-RS edition with travel bags so he could better serve the citizens. Here is a shot of our Lt as he drove by the station this morning and I am sure we will have more to come later so stay tuned.