Friday, December 19, 2008

History of Engine 9

Fire House No. 9 was opened on October 2, 1929. 8 men were staffed here and the cost of the building was $10,800.
Plans are underway on a new station that will replace our house as well as #5 on 12th and Loudon NW. At present, 6 men are assigned to this house on each shift. A Captain, Lieutenant, and 4 Firefighters.
Originally #9 housed an Engine, several years later a Ladder was added until 1998. The Ladder was moved to Station #13 and Medic 9 was born.
The building has great features that still remain, from the fireplace in the kitchen to "Engine Company No. 9" carved into the building over the windows.
For more information on the history of 9 House and the department as a whole, check out Rhett Fleitzs' book 'Firefighting In Roanoke'.

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