Friday, January 30, 2009

Smoke showing for C-shift

We had smoke showing alright, the bad news is that it was from 514 24th Street...#9 STATION! The ninja cook was back on kitchen detail today and tried to add his Cajun talent (which he has absolutely NONE of) to our ribs. Cajun as in BLACKENED. It was a fight but 3 SCBA bottles, a couple thousand gallons of water and some yard breathing and the fire was out and the ribs rescued. That has just about been the biggest excitement for the day, although I do wish Sheppard could have been here to have seen our last EMS run. Most of the day was spent in our "Moodle" training room. Moodle being similar to on-line training is the best I know how to explain it. Anyway, its cold and windy so all bets are off for a quiet night. FYI, at a minimum, the future C-shift posts will no longer have a "comment" section. If you would like to make comments on one of our post / pics etc. they can be e-mailed to the Capt. at

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Station Started and Wheels on Light Duty

These were some pictures we took of the lot where the new station is going to be built prior to any construction. They have already started tearing the ground up to get this station built since the new Station 3 is done. We have all been up to the new Station 3 and it seems like most of the guys like the station minus some minor things that they are working to remedy.
FF/Medic Wheels is on light duty due to back injury suffered and we all hope he will be back with us soon, especially Dixon so he can get back to splitting time on the Medic Truck. So if you see Wheels out and about make sure to give the Big Bear a hug and wish him a quick return.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lt scared of tiny little mouse.

We had a tiny mouse the other day in our office and as we found out our Lt is scared to death of mice. He removed everything in the office to find it and than once it was found would not even come inside to try to get it, but stayed in the doorway with a mop so he had a quick escape if it was to charge him. We didn't know he had such fears and we were all surprised at the high screams that a man can make when he is in fear for his life by a 3 inch rodent w/ beady red eyes. Lt was unable to sleep that night just knowing that their might be more mice running loose and rabid in the building stalking his every move. Lt made us promise not to tell anyone of his fear so we all promised to take the secret to the grave.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roanoke County FF/Medic assigned to City Station for a day.

Roanoke County doesn't have a "Star City Award", a "Knock your Socks Off Award" nor do they pass out gift cards for exceptional work. What they do have is Chiefs who go the extra mile for men who go that same extra distance for the job. Brandon Sheppard was one such recipient today after having passed all the requirements for EMT-I. A County Chief struck a deal with him in that if he passed all testing, the Chief would arrange something Brandon has wanted for some time now...a ride with City E9 on C-shift. Apparently, he has a touch of "mustache envy" and longs to be near Capt. Wines. Well, today his dream came true. Brandon reported for his regularly scheduled shift today at 24th and Melrose Ave. NW Roanoke CITY, as opposed to Roanoke County Hollins station # 5. For us, it has been a slow day but we will never convince Brandon of that. A couple of runs and YES, more training. Pictured at top is Brandon riding 9 Engine beside C-shift Senior Firefighter "Coon". The middle pic is from the 8th floor of Melrose Towers after having humped the stairs and connecting to the stand pipe. In the lower picture, you can see Brandon standing behind the Capt. while gathering information following a small rubbish fire in our 1st due. I must say that I wasn't sure what to expect but, Brandon has done an excellent job today. He arrived early this morning and has fit like a glove. Hats off to his Officers over in Roanoke County ... it is evident that he comes from good leadership. Rumors are floating of future City / County cross training such as this. If they all have the same work ethic and attitude as Brandon, I'm looking forward to the day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well Jerry Franks and John Dixon along with RS1 (Lt. Jason Crouch), Cpt. Swecker, Lt. Billy West and Greg Fulton from E5 had a code save today. Engine 9 on the other hand....well, we made cookies! Good job M9 and E5, great job!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Slow runs but a busy day in the warm weather for C-shift

Not alot of runs so far but a busy day with pre fire plans and training. The weather today was beautiful and that has allowed us a chance to get out and flow a little water without the fear of freezing up. Capt. wanted a pump drill using the ladder pipe and Ladder2 was out for high rise training and Ladder 13 already had a company drill planned. Thankfully, Capt. Perdue and 1st Lt Stump extended the invitation for us to join them and it turned out to be a very nice drill. All the boys got a little time on the pump as well as some time on the stick (if you can call a 75' ladder a "STICK"). Anyway, here a just a few cool shots from the drill (top to bottom.. E9 from the tip, Lt. Bug looking down from the tip, Opie and Tyrone on the tip, and E13 on the hydrant supplying L13).

Ground has been broken for the new station 9 and 5 combo.

Captain Bedwell was put in charge of the chairs for yesterdays ground breaking ceremony for our new station. This is the beginning of a consolidation of stations 5 and 9 and will be located at 20th / Orange Ave. NW. Our new home will have a Police sub-station and a community room for the public as well. It will reportedly house and Engine, Ladder, Medic and Battalion. Rhett has an article as well as a link to the Roanoke Times coverage over on his site Pictured above is the boys from C-shift at the new site (from left to right..Coon, Tyrone, Opie, Bug and Wheezy).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN and 2 more future members

There has to be a special place in heaven set aside for Jill Obaugh. Since December 12th she has had not 1, not 2 but 3 Obaugh boys to look after. Jill and the boys stopped by for a brief visit today. Jackson is becoming an old hand around the station but this was Noah's first visit since being born December 12th. Noah slept the whole time making us curious of all the "the baby cried all night and I didn't get a wink of sleep" stories while Jackson found the Captain's light and a bunch of other cool stuff the keep a kids interest around a firehouse. Its great to see the kids around the house ... family visits help lower the stress of the tour.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Water, water everywhere!

MVT = Most valuable tool
Fish bowls on the ceiling

Wheels catching a wave

FF Matt Wheeling prepared for battleWater was the enemy today on A-Shift. Due to the temperature, pipes were busting all over the city. By midnight we have logged 11 runs. 9 have been busted pipes and flooding. We've salvaged furniture, removed water with the help from the fella's on Ladder 13, and educated some folks to where their shut offs are. Oh yeah I almost forgot the digging we got to do on some calls just to get to the shut off valves. That brings me to the MVT of the day. The most valuable tool was easily the shut off tool. Or "that thing to cut the water off with" as we heard it called by "The Southies". Today I will call it "The Key To The City".
Special thanks to the folks at New#3 and #13 for the help today.

Friday, January 16, 2009

South Battalion takes command as the North side goes to work

Despite the cold, we caught a job at 1131 Loudon. The call was received at 17:39. The fire was directly across the street from station #5 and with #9C's own "Wheezy" Meador filling in and riding backwards on E5, a quick knock down was made. E9 was assigned search with negative results. We then made the attic to confirm no extension. The fire was held to room and content with minor water damage to the first floor. Units on scene were E5, E9, L2, M9 B2, RS1 B1, E2 and M2. Job WELL DONE by all companies. (Pictures from the top..the boys of #9-C Wheezy on the far right had the "pipe" from 5 Engine, 9 Engine on Bravo side, the hydrant 12th / Loudon, and just after the knock down..smoke showing).

COLD day in Northwest

With "Opie" on the pipe, C-shift made quick work of a dumpster fire Wednesday the 14th. Today has been busy enough and COLD! The challenge of the day has been trying to keep our war wagon from freezing solid. Out for SCBA fit testing, and a couple of runs on top. A fire, out on arrival at an Elem. school (handled by E13 / L13) and burnt food in a 3 story cut into 6 apartments. No need for the irons when "coon" is riding backwards ... behind Capt. Mutter, he has the best "donkey kick" I've see (just wish it had been the right apartment)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chief Obenchain grabs some grub with A-Shift

So far the engine had a stabbing, medic truck ran a Heart Alert, both fit tested our SCBA masks and some usual EMS calls to fill the day. Still freezing outside. Word is 11 degrees tonight and 4 tomorrow night. What a mess it will be if know.

Highlight of the day was when Chief Obenchain stopped by for lunch. Great food and conversation of course. Got to admire the man, just look at that hat. Takes guts to stand by your team when they're down. Although his team did not do well this year, he was quick to point out the Detroit Lions perfect season. Yes it was 0-16, but it was still perfect. Come on back any time Chief.

Top: Chief Obenchain
Bottom L-R: FF Duanne Noell, FF Matt Wheeling, Chief Billy Obenchain, Captain Kevin Weeks, Lt. Dan Goodwin, FF Jerry Franks was taking the picture.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dont look now

Don' t look now but the "Ninja Cook" of C-shift has actually been spotted IN THE KITCHEN! Chicken wraps....ummmmmm ummmmmm good. I hope.

No runs but a busy day so far for C-shift

After the Captains egg sandwich and the usual "Monday Checks" (pictured at top) C-shift has made a busy day with training. Several vehicle fires lately have put up a little too much fight to get the hoods open. Thanks to Capt. Grahm and Lt. Brown over at Station 5, a couple of vehicles were donated from Garcia Towing for an extrication drill. The Officers got their heads together and 5 graciously allowed us to come down and get some "hand tool" and "K-saw" work in on the hoods before the TNT tools came out and the cars were cut into shreads. A good training day all the way around. The Jeep actually had three latch points (center and both corners) and proved a real challenge for the hand tools. The K-saw on the other hand... cut like butta. Engine and Ladder 1 also made it out and all the boys got tons of hands on with the Rescue Jacks etc.

Cool link for some Station 9 history

Check out these photos from over at Mike Overacker's site. Mike is now retired but was station at # 9 for some time back in the day. I'm not sure of his exact dates at the station but even a single day at 9 is a good day!

New member in training

Station 9 has a lot of young members on A, B and C-shift. That means there are plenty of future firefighters running around out there (which may be good or bad). The bottom picture is of Captain Wines' first Grandson. The "Buckaroo" ( or Wesley as his moma and nana like to call him) is riding his first fire truck which has 1938 on the plate. The top picture is the Capt. driving our Unions fire truck which just happens to be a 1938 Chevy

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Truck Fire

Engine 9-A responded to small box truck fire tonight.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

And the winner is.........

Although it was close on who would have their own column John Dixons fans pulled it out. Look for John's new column "ask John anything" to appear soon so you might want to be thinking of some good questions for him.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A-Shift curse is broken!

Well its over.....Our 53 hour silence has ended. We are back in the game. Never so happy to run a hotel alarm on Hershberger Road.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What we do best

If this works, it may be pretty cool. Follow the link below to hear some audio of a working fire we ran back on December 18, 2008. This was a C-shift fire with Capt. Wines riding the seat, Lt. "Bug" (Rob Reid) driving, and "Opie" (Brad Glidden) riding backwards. Wheezy (Travis Meador) was driving Medic 9 with "Coon" (Scott Boone) riding as the Medic. Also responding on the first alarm was Engine 5, Ladder 13, RS1 and Battalion 2. The second alarm brought in Engine 13, Engine 4, Ladder 2, Medic 4, Battalion 1, and Chief 1. Despite multiple reports of occupants trapped, all searches were negitive. The fire was quickly "under control" and resulted in approx $60,000.00 in damages.

C-Shift Vehicle fire

C-shift made quick work of a vehicle fire back on December 27th 2008 after forcing entry through a motorized gate. Lt. "Bug" Reid riding "the seat", Travis Meador pumping, and a fill in from the Southside Rebecca Smith on the pipe

New members of Station # 9

Station 9 would like to welcome our 3 newest members following the huge Department stir up. All 3 members are assigned to "B" shift. They are (pictured on top) Firefighter / EMT R. Matzuga, (pictured below) Captain Toby Bedwell and not pictured is Firefighter / EMT D. Burnett

48 hours.....

............UN FREAKEN BELIEVABLE!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still sitting here

Its now 22:30 and I give up.... goodnight!

A-shift slow day 34 runs.

Our little buddy is sitting in Engine 9, just waiting. However the city is dumped. Maybe he'll get his EMT-I. Then he can run on the box!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jerry "Hey are you gonna eat that?" Franks

Firefighter - Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate: Jerry "I ain't missing a single meal" Franks waits as a possible structure fire call goes out in our 2nd due. Figured we'd get ready in case there was something to it. It was a can handle for the initial units, however I won't be surprised if big boy has a 3 alarmer in his gut tonight!