Friday, January 23, 2009

Slow runs but a busy day in the warm weather for C-shift

Not alot of runs so far but a busy day with pre fire plans and training. The weather today was beautiful and that has allowed us a chance to get out and flow a little water without the fear of freezing up. Capt. wanted a pump drill using the ladder pipe and Ladder2 was out for high rise training and Ladder 13 already had a company drill planned. Thankfully, Capt. Perdue and 1st Lt Stump extended the invitation for us to join them and it turned out to be a very nice drill. All the boys got a little time on the pump as well as some time on the stick (if you can call a 75' ladder a "STICK"). Anyway, here a just a few cool shots from the drill (top to bottom.. E9 from the tip, Lt. Bug looking down from the tip, Opie and Tyrone on the tip, and E13 on the hydrant supplying L13).


Anonymous said...

You guys get over your fear of heights and we will extend ladder 13 all the way next time. Figures for a bunch of nozzleheads though.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that each shift at Station # 9 does their share of training. It is a good well rounded house, full of hard working and dedicated men. I'd go through a door with any shift here. My efforts to get and keep involved in our new station Blog is part of the reason you see so many C-shift pics, another would just honestly be that I am proud of the job my boys do and don’t mind showing them off a little. They deserve it and can back it up. Capt. Wines, Jr. # 9 C-shift

Anonymous said...

Well said Capt.