Thursday, May 20, 2010

June 22, 2010 Moving day

It's late and it's busy. E9 or what ever we are up to 9 runs in the book so far. I'll get some pics up soon. We have been labeled E5 (literally) since we got our truck back today. So don't be confused, there may be two Engine 5's on scene for the next few weeks. You can tell it's Engine 9 by the better looking crew. Or the first in engine on scene....just kidding, no not really.
Wheels is still diaper changing and will keep it up for another cycle. Franks is off next cycle too. Tune back in next week for more adventures of NW. Good night folks, be safe out there.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A-Shift real post.

It's true I was away on RS1 for the day. It was my first time and an eye opener. 10calls with codes, stabbing/Gold alert, pediatric trauma alert and more. I like the busy days and I'll admit it was fun.
As the title says...this will be the real post. The previous was done by our very own FF Jerry "I know it's a working fire but I am too husky to fit through the door" Franks. Not exactly a true picture in that post, but I am glad he kept the blog alive.
As I said it was a busy day. There was also a working fire, not too much, but a fire anyway. We(E9-M9-RS1)all got to respond, as well as our soon to be family at 5, Ladder 2, Engine 2, Battalion 2 and the Southies with service truck 1. Here are a few shots...

That's all we have for the first day.....we are back Tuesday. Be safe out there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We are so proud

We are back for another cycle and what a great day to be at work. Wheels is still out playing Diaper-Changer and I am sure that by now he is an expert on this skill and by the way congrats to Dr Wheel for passing all of his practicals for Paramedic last week. Since Wheels is still out we are short 2 and we have Tyrone from old #5 playing Dr with us today and I actually believe he is excited about putting band-aids on today so look out. I did mention we were short 2 so that leaves us with our Lt missing this morning but we found him this morning on his new ride. We knew he has been looking for a motorcycle for a while now and I guess he decided to get the Secret Suz-Kaw-Hon-364-RS edition with travel bags so he could better serve the citizens. Here is a shot of our Lt as he drove by the station this morning and I am sure we will have more to come later so stay tuned.

Monday, May 10, 2010

5-9 combo: Want fries with that? We are moving....some day....maybe...who knows?

Eventually we are gonna move. The trouble is, this is a big project and stuff happens. So we are in limbo and waiting for the word. The table is almost complete and Ladder 5 is here. We spent our Sunday getting to know her a little better.

It was great weather for it. If Dixon was still here, he would have commented on the crisp mountains and clear fresh air along with admiring the majestic rainbow made by the mist of the ladder.
We all caught some rays and enjoyed the training....some more than others.

Afterwards we hit the Northside to see where L5 can and can't go. It did very well and we are pleased. It's a hell of a truck and they have done a good job for us.
All worn out with our sun burn and pizza filled guts we hit the beds only to catch a working fire. Our first since Z-man came aboard back in January. E4,E5,E9,L13,Batt2,RS1,ST1,M4 and M9 were on this lil' fire and had a quick knock down. Most importantly no one was injured and minimal damage done to the property.

I apologize for the crappy picture, my Droid camera/phone was tired.
That's it for the middle day....we'll be back Tuesday. Be safe.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A-Shift back again

Hello peeps, we have returned. First off a great big congrats to FF Wheels on the new addition. He became a Daddy this week and will be off for a few cycles figuring out how to change a diaper and find time to sleep. Good luck! A little tip from one Dad to another...when they are screaming and won't stop....a little push on the soft spot quiets them right up. I call it Natures Snooze Button. Your welcome.
The rest of us dragged ourselves in to work today. Z-man got some education in I-class this morning, also Captain Weeks and Good O headed downtown for a training committee meeting.....we stopped at Tudors on the way in and hurried so we didn't miss anything. No worries, they waited for us, see.....

While we got some training ideas going, Bevo and Franks stayed back in NW providing nothing short of excellent Advanced Life Support care.
Afterwards we knocked out the usual back at the house, we whipped up some gourmet burgers for lunch(went to Burger King)and headed out to the new station to check on the progress. They are still sticking to the 24th/25th move in date.

I am not so sure. There was a bit of wiring that if I was assigned the task, it would delay the opening by 10 months. I hope they labeled that stuff!

It is looking good. They have power and they are running wires everywhere you look. C-shift is putting the 2 brass poles in this week and it's getting close. It's gonna be a close finish though. Here is a shot of one of the bunk room/cubical things.

Oh yeah....I had to post this, read the note.

Back at Old No.9....The table is almost complete. Guys from all of the shifts came in to pour the last coat of clear crap on the table. It's in isolation at this time awaiting some parts for the legs, then as the date approaches we hope to get her into the new kitchen.

That's all for tonight folks. We leave you with a picture of Z-mans fashion statement for the day.

Have a good night and be safe out there.