Monday, May 17, 2010

A-Shift real post.

It's true I was away on RS1 for the day. It was my first time and an eye opener. 10calls with codes, stabbing/Gold alert, pediatric trauma alert and more. I like the busy days and I'll admit it was fun.
As the title says...this will be the real post. The previous was done by our very own FF Jerry "I know it's a working fire but I am too husky to fit through the door" Franks. Not exactly a true picture in that post, but I am glad he kept the blog alive.
As I said it was a busy day. There was also a working fire, not too much, but a fire anyway. We(E9-M9-RS1)all got to respond, as well as our soon to be family at 5, Ladder 2, Engine 2, Battalion 2 and the Southies with service truck 1. Here are a few shots...

That's all we have for the first day.....we are back Tuesday. Be safe out there.

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