Friday, May 7, 2010

A-Shift back again

Hello peeps, we have returned. First off a great big congrats to FF Wheels on the new addition. He became a Daddy this week and will be off for a few cycles figuring out how to change a diaper and find time to sleep. Good luck! A little tip from one Dad to another...when they are screaming and won't stop....a little push on the soft spot quiets them right up. I call it Natures Snooze Button. Your welcome.
The rest of us dragged ourselves in to work today. Z-man got some education in I-class this morning, also Captain Weeks and Good O headed downtown for a training committee meeting.....we stopped at Tudors on the way in and hurried so we didn't miss anything. No worries, they waited for us, see.....

While we got some training ideas going, Bevo and Franks stayed back in NW providing nothing short of excellent Advanced Life Support care.
Afterwards we knocked out the usual back at the house, we whipped up some gourmet burgers for lunch(went to Burger King)and headed out to the new station to check on the progress. They are still sticking to the 24th/25th move in date.

I am not so sure. There was a bit of wiring that if I was assigned the task, it would delay the opening by 10 months. I hope they labeled that stuff!

It is looking good. They have power and they are running wires everywhere you look. C-shift is putting the 2 brass poles in this week and it's getting close. It's gonna be a close finish though. Here is a shot of one of the bunk room/cubical things.

Oh yeah....I had to post this, read the note.

Back at Old No.9....The table is almost complete. Guys from all of the shifts came in to pour the last coat of clear crap on the table. It's in isolation at this time awaiting some parts for the legs, then as the date approaches we hope to get her into the new kitchen.

That's all for tonight folks. We leave you with a picture of Z-mans fashion statement for the day.

Have a good night and be safe out there.

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