Monday, May 10, 2010

5-9 combo: Want fries with that? We are moving....some day....maybe...who knows?

Eventually we are gonna move. The trouble is, this is a big project and stuff happens. So we are in limbo and waiting for the word. The table is almost complete and Ladder 5 is here. We spent our Sunday getting to know her a little better.

It was great weather for it. If Dixon was still here, he would have commented on the crisp mountains and clear fresh air along with admiring the majestic rainbow made by the mist of the ladder.
We all caught some rays and enjoyed the training....some more than others.

Afterwards we hit the Northside to see where L5 can and can't go. It did very well and we are pleased. It's a hell of a truck and they have done a good job for us.
All worn out with our sun burn and pizza filled guts we hit the beds only to catch a working fire. Our first since Z-man came aboard back in January. E4,E5,E9,L13,Batt2,RS1,ST1,M4 and M9 were on this lil' fire and had a quick knock down. Most importantly no one was injured and minimal damage done to the property.

I apologize for the crappy picture, my Droid camera/phone was tired.
That's it for the middle day....we'll be back Tuesday. Be safe.


Anonymous said...

whats the fire helmet going to do when you fall 105 feet?

Anonymous said...

It will make you look cool after you fall to your death.