Sunday, May 16, 2010

We are so proud

We are back for another cycle and what a great day to be at work. Wheels is still out playing Diaper-Changer and I am sure that by now he is an expert on this skill and by the way congrats to Dr Wheel for passing all of his practicals for Paramedic last week. Since Wheels is still out we are short 2 and we have Tyrone from old #5 playing Dr with us today and I actually believe he is excited about putting band-aids on today so look out. I did mention we were short 2 so that leaves us with our Lt missing this morning but we found him this morning on his new ride. We knew he has been looking for a motorcycle for a while now and I guess he decided to get the Secret Suz-Kaw-Hon-364-RS edition with travel bags so he could better serve the citizens. Here is a shot of our Lt as he drove by the station this morning and I am sure we will have more to come later so stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea though but I see him on something more like a HD