Monday, January 26, 2009

Lt scared of tiny little mouse.

We had a tiny mouse the other day in our office and as we found out our Lt is scared to death of mice. He removed everything in the office to find it and than once it was found would not even come inside to try to get it, but stayed in the doorway with a mop so he had a quick escape if it was to charge him. We didn't know he had such fears and we were all surprised at the high screams that a man can make when he is in fear for his life by a 3 inch rodent w/ beady red eyes. Lt was unable to sleep that night just knowing that their might be more mice running loose and rabid in the building stalking his every move. Lt made us promise not to tell anyone of his fear so we all promised to take the secret to the grave.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Its me again, there solder boy.