Monday, January 12, 2009

No runs but a busy day so far for C-shift

After the Captains egg sandwich and the usual "Monday Checks" (pictured at top) C-shift has made a busy day with training. Several vehicle fires lately have put up a little too much fight to get the hoods open. Thanks to Capt. Grahm and Lt. Brown over at Station 5, a couple of vehicles were donated from Garcia Towing for an extrication drill. The Officers got their heads together and 5 graciously allowed us to come down and get some "hand tool" and "K-saw" work in on the hoods before the TNT tools came out and the cars were cut into shreads. A good training day all the way around. The Jeep actually had three latch points (center and both corners) and proved a real challenge for the hand tools. The K-saw on the other hand... cut like butta. Engine and Ladder 1 also made it out and all the boys got tons of hands on with the Rescue Jacks etc.


Anonymous said...

Ask D.Noell(a-shift), about the Jeep hood that whipped his tail about a year ago on a car fire we had in the parking lot of Melrose Towers. I dont think he will forget that a jeep latches on the corners!!

Anonymous said...

Tuff hoods with hand tools no doubt! That said, all the boys here are "BULLS" and would cut a 747 with fingernail clippers, the K-saw just makes it that much quicker. Should have kept my mouth shut about the "no runs" guess we're not living as clean as A-shift..

Anonymous said...

Thats right, A-shift is nothing but Angels disguised as firefighters.