Friday, January 30, 2009

Smoke showing for C-shift

We had smoke showing alright, the bad news is that it was from 514 24th Street...#9 STATION! The ninja cook was back on kitchen detail today and tried to add his Cajun talent (which he has absolutely NONE of) to our ribs. Cajun as in BLACKENED. It was a fight but 3 SCBA bottles, a couple thousand gallons of water and some yard breathing and the fire was out and the ribs rescued. That has just about been the biggest excitement for the day, although I do wish Sheppard could have been here to have seen our last EMS run. Most of the day was spent in our "Moodle" training room. Moodle being similar to on-line training is the best I know how to explain it. Anyway, its cold and windy so all bets are off for a quiet night. FYI, at a minimum, the future C-shift posts will no longer have a "comment" section. If you would like to make comments on one of our post / pics etc. they can be e-mailed to the Capt. at

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