Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chief Obenchain grabs some grub with A-Shift

So far the engine had a stabbing, medic truck ran a Heart Alert, both fit tested our SCBA masks and some usual EMS calls to fill the day. Still freezing outside. Word is 11 degrees tonight and 4 tomorrow night. What a mess it will be if know.

Highlight of the day was when Chief Obenchain stopped by for lunch. Great food and conversation of course. Got to admire the man, just look at that hat. Takes guts to stand by your team when they're down. Although his team did not do well this year, he was quick to point out the Detroit Lions perfect season. Yes it was 0-16, but it was still perfect. Come on back any time Chief.

Top: Chief Obenchain
Bottom L-R: FF Duanne Noell, FF Matt Wheeling, Chief Billy Obenchain, Captain Kevin Weeks, Lt. Dan Goodwin, FF Jerry Franks was taking the picture.

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