Sunday, February 1, 2009

Which hat to wear??

Well, it's Super Bowl Sunday and C-shift is pulling the tour. The problem is, we can't decide as a company "which hat to wear" (to show who we're pulling for). Should we don the black and gold of Pittsburgh or the red and white of Arizona? I think the boys are split 50 / 50 and just hope the runs are slow enough tonight for us to be able to take in some of the game. Along the same lines as "which hat to wear" I thought our readers would enjoy some of the pictures below. We all know that most firemen have to work 2nd jobs on their days off, and have many different facets of the job within the Fire service all of which cause us to wear many different "hats". Below you'll see just a few of the "hats" associated with C-shift and or Station # 9 .... enjoy

Pictured at top: Capt. Wines is more often than not found under a cowboy hat on his days off. This picture is of him on Lt. Franklin's (B-shift) lap while attending Wheezy's wedding recption. Next is a past photo of Capt. Bedwells fire helmet (again from B-shift) following a little joking around from his days back at 1 Ladder. With Capt. Wines always preaching "Safety first", and Tyrone being accident prone, the 3rd pic shows the precautions taken when Tyrone has a long EMS report to write. Never forget the eye protection... it's all fun and games until someone gets an eye put out! The 4th pic is of the guys at # 5-C having a little fun with Captain Wines. Lt. Brown didn't want the Capt to feel isolated by having the only helmet with a new camera, light etc. Well, not to be out done, the Lt. made his own helmet so the Capt wouldnt be alone.. BEAUTIFUL!! And last but not least is Wheezy sporting the old " I've been in the kitchen too long today cabbage hat". A prime example of why our mothers always told us.. "don't play with your food" Again, please e-mail all comments on this post to the Capt. at

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