Thursday, February 26, 2009


There's noway we can top A-shifts last post so we're not even going to try! LMAO that was BEAUTIFUL! The purpose of our blog was to show everyone a little bit of firehouse life from the inside perspective and, they nailed it! (see what happens when the Captain takes a day off?) There are tons of "shenanigans" in every house. Some days more so than others but everyday, finding some sort of comedy or something to laugh at helps to ease the stress level and makes the day go by. So, C-shift is back on duty and it's been wide open since our first run @ 07:26. Our first stop was a visit to #2 station to donate a couple gallons of blood to the city nurses. Then it was back to the house for a little "spring cleaning" and a meeting with a local lawyer concerning a past incident. (we are often called to testify following shootings, stabbings vehicle accidents etc). A quick run to the store and back for lunch. The top picture shows Jimbo" Jimmy Jennings (retired and rehired as one of our 2 messenger truck drivers) breaking bread with the boys of C-shift. Jimmy and my dad worked together for several years before they both retired in October of 2004. It's always good to see Jimbo and hear some of his tales. Soon after lunch, the Engine was up against it. Here in the city, we don't see a lot of brush fires but today...well lets just say it was bad. Pictured above, you'll see Coon flaking line while Wheezy "flanked" the inferno then moved into position to cut it off at the head. If you look closely at the tree stump just off center, you'll notice she was about to crown! The good news?? All of our wildland firefighting training paid off, 2 helicopter drops, a few chain saws, a Radford (or is it Pulaski) tool and the boys were able to cut a line and snuff her out before she got out of control. Another nail bitter. Look out Roanoke County, we have our sights set on the 2010 Governor's Award. At 14:00 our guest Seth Gitner from the Roanoke Times showed up for the photo shoot. Now his equipment and skill level is not as fancy as the dig. camera we carry on E9 but he probably got some good shots regardless. LOL.. all kidding aside, Seth went to the new "green" Station 3 and then came here to take some 360 degree photos. The shoot will compare living in an old firehouse vs a new state of the art station. He has some really cool plans and we are excited to see how they turn out. We'll get a link up as soon as it's out. "Nukie" stopped in for a new badge, helmet and coloring book. The local kids love to stop in when the front doors are up. Warm days bring out more than just the kids though. Darkness is fast approaching and so it has begun. The video shows the last of about 10 Police vehicles enroute to an assault just up the street. YEP, we were the next to hit the pavement, Engine 9 and Medic 2 were dispatched to clean up the mess. Later, our Battalion dropped in for a late night visit and had us all rolling with his "Ernist T Bass" impressions.... Chief Dale Barker of C-shift..if you see him, get him to do the if you must, it's worth every cent. I almost forgot Tyrone's new helmet. BRAND NEW and shinny..guess we wont sleep tonight. It took some time to convince him, but after seeing how good he looked in it, he didn't want to take it off. As mentioned in an earlier post, when working under "by the book Wines" and whenever Tyrone is involved it's ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST! Taking that to heart, pictured below is Tyrone throwing together the morning's egg sandwiches.

Rhett Fleitz from #13 C has completely redone his site and put it back on line. We'll add the link to the top left of our site or check out his new look here It's getting late and today's just the first of our cycle. C-shift will return on Saturday...B-shift in the morning. Thanks for all the hits, keep checking in.

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