Saturday, February 21, 2009

Short Tour with C-Shift

It's been quiet so far today but it always picks up at night (there's a 10% discount on 40's at the Quicky Mark after dark on weekends). That said, we haven't gotten any good "on scene" pics for our post tonight. I've had a couple ideas for the direction of C-shift posts and I'll start with one tonight. I have been wanting to do a "meet the members" post, maybe introducing 2 of the boys at a time as well as a "station tour" post. As fate would have it, we are scheduled for a virtual / 360 degree photo shoot with our local paper, The Roanoke Times. My understanding is that they will be going to the new, fancy, "GREEN" station 3 and then coming here to "The Rock". I guess they will show the difference in new vs. old firehouses but I'm not sure a photograph can capture the history and memories stored in a house like this (guess we'll have to wait for the article). If you want to see an example of this type of picture, it can be seen here . Until then, the pics above is the short tour. The 1st shot is looking through the kitchen towards the Captain's office. As in most firehouses, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen not only cooking but sitting around the table to train, BS, and solve the Department's problems. You kind of notice the nice table. It was made by the men here at the station. A-shift did the bulk of the wood work, B-shifter Dennis "kidney puncher" Hayes was the lead for the special coating while C-shift handled the lettering. I'll try to do a future post on the table and it's history. The 2nd pic is the 2nd most sat in room ... our day room. Note those oh so comfortable "cargo furnishings". I know, it's hard to look at the chairs with those 4 milky white, stud pedestals (legs) of Wheezy and Opie jumping out at ya. The 3rd picture is our fitness facility. Now don't snicker or laugh because it's in the bay behind the apparatus. It is actually a high tech facility. Note the TV to the right of the bay door... complete with VCR and "Thigh Master" tapes when both are rented from Blockbusters. Just out of the shot, atop the RC Cola and Cool-Aid machine we have a fully functioning radio with working 8-track. Nothing like busting a sweat to a little Charlie Pride. This state of the art facility also reduces our response times by keeping us so close to the rig... no phone booths needed, superman doesn't have SQUAT on us. The final pic is of the pole from up stairs. What is not seen is the hardwood floors or doors that remain in our house. All of the hardware is brass and is cleaned weekly. What you do see pictured behind the pole is a draft we were going to use on the table but later made into a tee-shirt. True to our word, we have STILL have not forgotten! Sorry we don't have any fancy / smancy door mats or rugs (I knew we should have stolen the ones from # 3 the other night) but we do keep a garden hose out back in case you step in dog poo or get pepper sprayed (see "E9 makes a "grab" during gut busting funny tour" post from Feb. 8th). So that's the tour, short and sweet. We hope you enjoyed it. We assume everyone is enjoying the site. We haven't had any negative comments concerning our posts and just when you thought blogging was dead in the Roanoke Fire Department, new blogs are popping up everywhere. Our brothers and sisters working at the "big show" at Fire Headquarters Station # 1 have just started their blog. It looks really good and we can't wait to follow along. Check out the link here

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