Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Well here we are, Friday the 13th. There is lots of tradition in the fire department. There is also a lot of superstition. The day started off quiet, knocked out our daily chores, apparatus checks, etc. We even had IMS training downtown to acclimate everyone to the new terminology we will use on the fire scene. No hitter so far. On the way home from downtown an alarm went out for a highrise with smoke in several rooms. Well, this must be the Friday the 13th call! Nope, didn't amount to much. And we are still clutching a no hitter.
Not for long. Ran a few calls as soon as the cooking started. Maybe we shouldn't have put 13 gallons of fuel in E9. Turned off the pasta and sauce about 4 times. Only happens when we have guests. FF/EMT-I Noells Dad stopped by to break bread with us and thanks go out to him for stirring the food while we ran in/out. Above are pics of the day: FF/EMT-I Franks is really embracing this whole medic thing. I know one day he will be an outstanding medic like Dixon. Who knows, he may even have an "Ask Franks" column one day! We catch him sometimes talking to the box. Its like they are one!
Next 2 pics were our call for smoke detector sounding in an apartment with bedridden occupant home alone. E9 and L13 handled what was a faulty oven. Could have been bad. The star of this pic is FF Noell. He just looks like he has fought some fire with that soot on his head. No worries Duane, we won't tell it's just new sweatshirt lint. 8 more hours to go...Tune in next day to see what we got into, this Friday the 13th.


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Nothing else to add. Nice quiet night.