Friday, February 13, 2009

Melrose MVC

03:40 am, the wind is STILL blowing and it's COLD. Of course, as the Capt. says.."it's February, it's supposed to be cold". The wind is another story. Capt's electric blanket is set on "broil". The blinds on the bunk room windows have stood straight out all night and the wind coming in from around the windows has blown Coon's covers off twice. Guess we're gonna have to do a little caulking work on the windows. No electric blanket for him, but the good thing for Coon is that he's sleeping in his footy pajamas tonight, otherwise he may have froze. The pics above are of a MVC in the 2900 blk of Melrose. No injuries, handled with Medic Unit # 4. Going back to bed!

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