Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Station 9 Challenge Coin - Sorry SOLD OUT

Some of the stations have made some challenge coins. Thanks to Broadway (Lt. Kevin Bradbury) for getting the ball rolling. Back when he was at #1 downtown he hooked us up with the folks at Coins For Anything. We made ours out of solid brass. The raised station image has unbelievable detail. Most people are selling them for $10 each. It covers the cost and helps with future orders. #9 will be closing next year, shooting for February 2010. Ours sold pretty well. 100 are out there. We are sold out for good now. We have gotten a lot of calls for them recently, sorry folks. #5 will also be closing with #9, they still have a few left. Contact Captain Swecker on A-shift if interested. Our coins are not worth much to the average Joe but, rumor is they'll get you a candy bar out of the training center snack machine.
In addition to 9 and 5, Station 1 has several versions out there. #6 just put theirs out last week. Word is New 3 and 2 are working on theirs. It would be great to see a coin for each station. Most of us carry them with us, just like the tradition in military units. If it catches on, don't get caught at the bar with your brothers and sisters and have someone smack their coin down. If you don't smack yours on the bar....YOUR BUYING!
Anyone need info on the process of design or orders get with Good O at 9 or Broadway at 3.

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