Friday, February 20, 2009

A-shift returns.

It's great to be back! Update on personnel: Captain is on break and Wheels is looking at 6-8 more weeks off. Get better soon big guy, it's a sin all the left overs we are throwing away!

Been a decent day so far with some burned food on the stove, a couple of EMS trips to Melrose Towers and another run to an apartment complex we ran last day. Which brings us to our topic of the day. Seems folks think Fire Lanes are no big deal. Pictures above show what we had to deal with on an alarm, smoke detectors activated in 3rd floor hallway. Arrived to find nothing showing. If you look at the first picture, you'll know what Lt. Good O was thinking when he saw the SUV on side A.

Whats really funny is that we had a car fire call today at the same apartment complex. Vehicle nosed into the front overhang on side A!!!! Same exact spot as the SUV last day. A woman was putting oil in her car, well, all over the exhaust manifold really. It smoked it up pretty good. No flames on arrival. Would have been bad if it caught the overhang on fire. Wait! I am not done yet. On the other side of this fire lane, yes you guessed it! Another SUV parked with no one in it. You can't make this stuff up. Until next day, everyone be safe.

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