Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A few more pics from todays fire

Here are a few more pics from the fire today. At top is Captain Scott Graham. Scott is assigned to Engine 5 who was initially dispatched to the address as a single engine for a smoke condition. After arriving and finding the house full of smoke, he requested a 1st alarm assignment bringing Engine / Medic 9 and Ladder 2. The fire was found in the attic and with Capt. Wines stuck in the yard in "command", Opie was the smallest / lightest inside. Guess where that puts him... in the attic. PPV was set up, but you can tell by his color and sweat that it was a little warm up there working in blown insulation. Speaking of the insulation, click on the next pic to blow it up and notice the birds nest in the making on "Coon's" helmet. The next photo is of Richard "Lips" off of Medic 2 assisting Gish with his SCBA. Gish is assigned to and was riding backwards on 5 Engine meaning he had the "pipe" on this job. Also in this photo, you'll notice some different color turnout gear. His name is Jeff Conner; a ride a long with E5 today, who is a Fire Technology Student from the College of Health Sciences here in Roanoke. We actually had 2 students riding in the city today, I don't know the others name but he was also on the incident having rode in with Ladder 2. The last shot shows Lt. Brown keeping a check on everything (our Lts. are the driver / operators and Brown is assigned to E5). Also shown from left to right is FF/Medic Trevor Shannon, Capt. Loren Thompson, and FF/EMT Richard Lipes "lips". There were several more men on scene who are not pictured. Our Lt. Bug actually got to get in and do a little work after securing the hydrant. Pictured or not, chaulk up another job well done for Roanoke's bravest.

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