Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tired of dishwasher hands, B-shift took the task, applied some "firehouse engineering" and executed a reincarnation of our beloved dishwasher. Dixon has nothing on the B-shift road doctors. After a few defibrilations @ 360 joules and some deep pump cleaning, our ol plate licker is up and running again.

We also failed to report that our beloved little "kidney puncher" Dennis Hayes is not the only bachelor now off the market. Rumors are of an October wedding for Josh Holmes and now fiance' Kyle. We are not aware of any fancy, lovey dovey, feel good web sites for Josh and Kyle (as linked to in the post on Dennis' engagement here ) but if we find one, we'll get the address out to our readers. We also don't have a picture of Kyle but below is a pic of the groom to be (from left to right is Josh, Lt. "Chicken Hawk", and Dennis).

Other exciting news is the planning for the future purchase of a new gas grill for the house. Fire Engine red and everything .... that's how we roll at # 9. you can preview our future meat master here

Following discussion between the 3 Captains, the following press release was posted at the station:

"We've decided to purchase a new station grill. The current grill continues to cook unevenly, and often catches on fire. It was also decided a larger cooking surface along with a rotisserie, slow and low barbecuing option and infrared heat sears to keep food moist is greatly desired. We all know Capt. Wines can not stand dry meat. Take a look at this one from Home Depot. Priced at $899.00, divided by every man in the house comes to $50.00 / man. The Captains have agreed to cover the taxes, sign below when paid in full, Capt. Wines to collect."

Sounds pretty straight forward right?? Apparently NOT. Yep B-shift has one man who has yet to pay. We just went through the same ordeal with our new TV. and it's the SAME GUY! Newly transferred in .. maybe they didn't do it like this at station # 13? Or, maybe "Stuart" is a little like Kevin's shirt....

A word of advise Zuga... PAY YOUR BILL or don't open the door if there's a midget holding a halligan ringing the bell. That's about it for B-shift, tune in later today for an update from C-shift. They had a little get together last night and from what we hear, you're gonna love this story!

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Is that a picture of Duane in Kevins shirt?