Sunday, February 8, 2009

E9 makes a "grab" during a gut busting funny tour!

Talk about a weird tour, they just dispatched Engine 4 to "deer blood" in the street! Things have been about the same around station 9 today as well. Most of our non-fire related calls usually involve RCPD for one reason or another. That said, we have made some pretty good relationships with our local officers. They have always been there when we need them and we have never hesitated to jump in when they need a little assistance. Cops and firemen working together...imagine that! Anyways, one of the officers I really enjoy working with is Officer Combs. He takes such good care of us, that instead of calling us out, he brings the patients to us. Today, after an attempt to run (elude the Po Po) the accused was placed in the "Northwest Sickle" (better known as the head lock) where then, a couple hundred gallons of pepper spray was applied. Needless to say, the accused got a much needed wash down at the rear of our station. While treating this pt. I happened to notice the sticker placed on the plexiglass barrier between the front and rear seats of the Police car. NO WHINING!!! BEAUTIFUL !!! I just wish this guy could have stopped crying enough to read it. Anyway, the 3rd pic from the top is Officer Combs and his cruiser. The last pic is a close up of the sticker. He even gave us one for the Medic unit. Now we'll just have to decide whether to put it in the front or back of the unit (ha ha). And not to have the day take a turn towards the normal, E9 made a "grab" this evening. Ok Ok... it was a cat. Yes, a cat. The owner was very upset due to the fact that her cat has been up a tree for 3 + days and all her attempts (including food etc) would not bring poor Rambo down. She went on to tell how the animal control officers (the other cops) had been out and could not get the job done for what ever reason. Well, we all know Capt. Wines HATES cats but could never pass up the opportunity to get one up on the cops (or animal control in this case). Long story short, the ladder was set and our very own "cat whisperer" Lt. Bug Reid climbed to the tip. A few moments later, down he came with the feline in hand. I had told him that after he caught it, to just drop it to the ground instead of the possible fighting and scratching that often times come with such a rescue ( not to mention him being 28' off the ground on the tip of a ladder shaking violently from the two men footing it laughing so hard). As fate would have it, the traffic was too heavy and the image of their beloved pet being thrown from a tree and then hit by a car would not have sat well with the owner or her son. So, Bug not only caught the crafty puss but was able to bring it down the ladder and return it safely to its home. Another job " WELL DONE" by the boys of # 9-C.
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