Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, the rumors were correct. Station 3 had indeed beat us to the top design (and that's the only time they have beat # 9 to anything / anywhere...Ha ha). All kidding aside though, they had the same design first, obviously with a # 3 instead of # 9. Well, we are still going to print our version with the 9 but also went ahead and developed another shirt as well Thanks to C-shift's Lt. Bug for the design work). Both shirts will incorporate one or both Galeic phrases.."Fir Na Tine" and “Braithreachas Thar Gach Ni” which translate to "men of fire" and "brotherhood above all else". Of course they will have the date etc. as well. As of now, each design will be on the back of the shirts. The top logo will go on white and we are thinking the bottom one will be on a green shirt (still deciding). We will have prices soon, but obviously the more we order, the lower the cost. E-mail orders to willie.winesjr@roanokeva.gov Be sure to include which shirt you want, the quantity and sizes. Take the time to read the post below concerning the post parade gathering at the Union Hall. Hope to see you there!.


dennis said...

why dont you put the Fire emblem logo on the chest & the stamd alone logo on the back?
that'd be both logo's on 1 shirt?

RFD9 said...

Sounds like a good Idea. 1 shirt, both logos! Get your orders in ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I like idea of having both logos on the same shirt.