Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cancel the No-Hitter

Thanks to one of our regular, get drunk, fall down and go boom citizens, Engine 9 responded to a call this morning with Medic 9. So the No-Hitter is out for today. Thanks to Roanoke City's Finest we won't see that friend again tonight. Got our usual duties out of the way and cleaned up the beast. I believe she is ready for another fire. The other shifts have been pretty busy lately and we are thinking it may not be over just yet.
Above are the pics of Super Paramedic/FF/Preceptor Johnathan "been here forever" Dixon getting some nozzle time with FF/EMT-I Jerry "get away from my Little Debbie Brownies" Franks backing him up on the brush! You guys rock! Of course we know what happens when you clean hose and pack it up all nice.
Check out our links to the left, #3 and #6 are posting their blogs too! You can see whats up with their crews as well.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work John. I love you!!

Crouch (aka Wheeling-Lite) said...

when will that steriod eating,twice as big as me-but im not jealous, hunk of a man, Wheeling be back?
Crouch (aka Wheeling-Lite)

RFD9 said...

I am not sure if even he knows how long it will be before he gets back, but he has to make sure he is healed so he doesn't come back to early.