Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last day of the cycle for A-shift

We are heading on a 4-day break in the morning. It's been a quiet cycle. First thing this morning we saw the Vampires at the city nurse to get our blood work done. We have our physicals starting up again. Next was an emergency response to Sheetz so we could introduce FF Noell to a Schmagel. We had been fasting since midnight for the blood work and our gas tanks were low. Next we wrapped up our station chores. We took some time to walk through our local 9-story residential structure to stay current on the property. We really enjoyed seeing the folks there. They call us several times a day but, today was nice to go for a visit and not take a toothache or stubbed toe pt to the ER. We may have planted ideas in their heads, M9 has been there twice at last count. Afterwards we heated up the left over Ziti for lunch, while in the oven a 10-50 (car wreck) toned out for both Medic and Engine 9, possible entrapment. Thanks to Wheels and Captain for stopping by on their day off to do some fire-prevention (pulled the Ziti out). We arrived to find a single vehicle into a telephone pole. Luckily it was the support pole with guide wires for the real pole across the street. No difference for the patient and her car, but less of a hazard for us(not hot wires). We have enough to worry about with cell-phone drivers or drunks hitting E9 or us. Regardless, we shut down Shenandoah Ave. and did our work. Thanks go out to Roanoke's finest and their quick response with traffic control. Later we ran a few fire alarms, polished the brass in the station and found time to see our friends at Rico's Pizza on Shenandoah Ave NW for a nutritious dinner. We have FF Slaughter on loan from Station 13 and will try to treat him well. Sorry buddy. (He's on the box with Dixon) That's it for today. If anything exciting happens we'll get it posted next Sunday on the return of A-shift. Good night and be safe. Oh, E3? We'll let you know when we're ready for water.

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