Tuesday, February 17, 2009

C-shift Day in reveiw

With Wheezy "getting his learn on" again, Zach Obenchain was filling in at # 9 during EMT-I class. Zach is pictured at top. He is the son of now retired Battalion Chief Billy Obenchain and is assigned to # 2-C, which just happens to be the station and shift his father retired from. Chief Billy was assigned to # 9 for some time early in his career and was involved in making the station patch that shows the "fire kicking Ass". I'll try to get a pic up of the patch soon. We recently brought it back out and Incorporated it into our 2007 "Melrose Misfits" shirts. Another neat tie in for the Obenchains to our station is that Zach caught his first "working fire" while transferred in for the day on C-shift. We all know you never forget the 1st one and I'm proud that # 9 will be a part of that memory for Zach. Our runs for the day didn't start off so good this morning. The first run of the day was a "code 34" or DOA. Routine duties etc followed and even included a stop by the site of our future home. The middle pic shows the progress being made. This evening, #2, #3 and # 14 caught what sounded like a pretty good "job". Multiple calls, heavy fire showing etc. Well, # 9 didn't make the action on this but rather got the royal treatment. Royal treatment? you may ask... we were assigned to transfer / move to cover station # 3. I don't know about the "green" part but, WOW what a nice house. It was almost like staying in a fancy hotel until the manager finds out your planning a party and kicks you out. As soon as they figured out who had transferred in, we were quickly released and sent in the direction of home. That said, a fancy hotel is nice for a visit, but there's no place like HOME. The bottom pic is of 9's WAR WAGON sitting inside # 3 (don't cry Capt. Firebaugh...she misses you too). Another note on the fire (which has not been confirmed as of yet) is that Firefighter Rachel Winter was injured. Not too serious but a visit to the ER. We will post details when available pending her approval. Until then, we hope she is doing ok and have her and the boys at # 3 in our thoughts. Check out their site for possible further details...the link is o the left of this page.

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RFD3 said...

Thanks for the thoughts boys! Check out our blog for some pretty pics of the damage.

Stormy :)