Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A VERY busy Monday for the Brothers of B-shift

Sounds like B-shift got hit pretty hard yesterday. City wide there were 3 "working fires". Engine 9 was first in on a pretty hot job in the 1700 blk of Essex but would not make it to the other 2. Engine 5 on the other hand responded to all 3. My understanding is not much to the 2nd fire but the one on 1st street early this morning had the ladder pipes flowing. After a tour like that, I'm sure the boys will enjoy their 4 day break. With all that happening, Engine 9 also found another "Collier's Mansion" in our first due. I wont list the address but for all the City guys, we will do a "Pass it on" through the training division. The bottom 4 pictures above are of the conditions of this home. If you're on the job and don't know what a Colliers Mansion is, it's worth a google search. After the search, relate incidents such as this to "knowing your territory" and "pre-fire plans". Imagine running this address when there's fire involved. Another note is you never know where they are. This is the 2nd found in our 1st due. The top picture is of the 1st one we found. Capt. Wines is bent over to keep from hitting the ceiling and is in SCBA due to the odor which I'm sure you can imagine.

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Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken- Station #3 already has the St. Patty's Day design in the works. May have to come up with something else. However, we are looking forward to seeing the different desings from the different firehouses throughout the city.