Thursday, February 19, 2009

Follow up to Feb. 17th post

This pic is what we used for our last tee-shirt. We wanted a shirt that would be up to date but also include some of our station history. After some digging, we found the patch that now retired Chief Obenchain and others had made years ago (I have an actual patch). The patch production was pre-merger days so instead of a medic, a ladder was housed with the engine. It was even early enough that the ladder was identified as Ladder 4 instead of the later Ladder 9 (now ladder 13). Anyway, the patch is located in the center of our design. Blow it up and look closely. The jack"ass" even has on SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus... the yellow air tanks we wear when fighting fire) on his back. They had him kicking some flames...thus the "fire kicking ass". We went a step farther in our new design and added a newer "ass" . We wrapped him around the image so he could watch over the station and equipment. A new station logo, keeping some of the old.
I also forgot to mention the new shift calendar we added at the bottom of the blog. We have all 3 shifts noted so our readers can keep track of who's on duty (Thanks to Rhet Fleitz from # 13-C for making it and getting it to work on our site). Take a minute to let us know what you think of how the blog is looking / going etc.

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