Thursday, February 19, 2009


We posted some time back with some audio of a working fire from C-shift titled "what we do best" (use the site search or look under older posts on the left side bar if you missed it) so I thought it would be cool to let you go on a little ride with us as well. The video above is us pulling out of the station and responding to a residence on Golfside. All members were seat belted in, we didn't blow any red lights and no animals were harmed in the making of this video. It's been all EMS runs so far today and the good news (knock on wood) is that we didn't killed any of em. We had an A-shift brother stop in for a visit earlier today as well. Pictured at the top is Brad Creasy of Ladder / Engine / Quint / Medic # 7 (it's more like the "piece of the day" over there, you never know what they will pull up in). Brad worked with me back in the days of the OLD # 3 located at 6th and Rorer. By now you all have figured out that I brand all my boys with nick names and Brad was no exception. He is more affectionately known to me as "Bedford" due to his vollie connections with the Town of Bedford Volunteer Fire department (Bedford County Va.) or the BFDNY as I like to call it (he sometimes gets confused and thinks Bedford is a little Brooklyn). LMAO... all kidding aside, "Bedford" is now the paid Chief for that Department and has always been a "Top Jake" here in the city. It was fun to sit down and hash over some old memories and stories. Come back anytime Bedford. We also got to talk to and see Rachel Winter from the new station # 3 today (She doesn't like it when you pronounce it Winters so, you guessed it.... I call her Winters). We posted Tuesday about her getting injured on the Norton Fire. Turns out, her wound took 3 stitches but she was able to return to duty afterwards and is pulling her tour today. Joking with her, I explained that I didn't see what all the fuss was about. I guess if you live in a nice, new, fancy, "green" house with high dollar rugs to wipe your feet on, a wound like that would need medical attention BUT, at an Old run down, paint chipping, dish washer broken, toilet leaking, windy windows, brick cracking, history filled FIREHOUSE like # 9, it seemed more like a paper cut (HaHa). Again, all kidding aside, Winters took 3 stitches to a nasty looking laceration. She posted pics up on # 3's blog (link on the left side of this page). We were happy to learn that her injury was not more serious and glad to see her back on the job today. Don't forget to place your order for a # 9 St. Patty's Day shirt and let us know your feelings concerning the Post Parade Party.

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#9 is the Best. I love you guys! *tear*