Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday at #9 House

Well A-shift is back again. The day started off slow for the Engine, however Medic 9 was hard at it. Just as well, FF Franks and FF Noell were again under the expert tutelage of Paramedic John Dixon. More like he watched them do everything and ensured proper care. They are in the final stages of being cleared by the city. Sporting those National Registry and State Intermediate cards is not enough. Judging by past performances they will do just fine. We wish we could say the same for 2 very important people here at #9. In addition to FF/EMT-I Wheeling our automatic dishwasher is now broken. It served us well. With the new station a year away we are hoping we can get one, even if we have to take it with us. We held a small ceremony this evening in the kitchen to show our appreciation for all the hard scrubbing D. Washer had given us. In true NW style you can see us pouring out some detergent for our fallen homey. Below there are pics of our Baked Ziti dinner, along with our rocking Fun-fetti cake that I am sure Captain Weeks will be upset that he missed. FF Noell made up for all the batter licking he missed as a child by slopping the mix straight from the bowl. An added bonus is rare footage of our temporary dishwasher: Paramedic (softens my hands while I do the dishes) Dixon. You have no idea how much we appreciate him taking on this additional task. Check out the video.

Until next day....Be safe.


Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace D. Washer, I only knew you briefly compared to others.


Anonymous said...

Memorial Service and Visitation will be announced soon. Thanks for all the calls, emails, and flowers, she will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Due to the economy D Washer will not be replaced and their is a good chance W. Machine will replace with Clothes O. Line.

Anonymous said...

Don't do drugs.