Friday, December 19, 2008

First Ever Station 9 Christmas Dinner

On December 12th, 2008 all three shifts were able to have dinner together. We can't thank the Moose Lodge #284, in Roanoke County, enough for their hospitality and letting us host our dinner there. Captain Wines did most of the planning and work behind the scenes getting coverage for the guys working. Dinner was great and stories were flying as expected when firefighters and alcohol are mixed. Master of Ceremony Wines took his role serious and provided entertainment the entire night. Station 9 picture seen above was bought and donated to the station by all three station captains. Thanks to all the guys who filled in for A-shift so they could attend and to all the cooks our hats go off to you. This was a great get together and if you get a chance ask C-shift about the grape jelly story.


Michael Overacker said...

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Michael Overacker

FireFleitz said...

are those khakis on Wines?

Anonymous said...

Its peanut butter-JELLY time!!!

Anonymous said...

Cotton Candy
Sweet N Low
Let me see
The Tootsie Roll