Sunday, June 21, 2009

The dog days of summer

A-shift is working a Fathers Day / Sunday shift here at #9. It has been pretty decent so far. Knocked out a few chores and made some repairs to the medic truck. Of course we have our calls, nothing too exciting just yet. Washed the engine and had some of the kids come by for visits. Along with kids, a bird came into the bay. FF Franks can be seen holding his latest rescue. Another life saved. Later we had a little neighborhood pit bull puppy stop by for a break. After a little water and nap, the little fella was on his way. His owners didn't mind us hanging out with him while they took a tour of the station. All this excitement and being on the ever running medic truck wore Jerry out. He can be seen in the pic taking a well deserved break. That's it for this cycle. Captain Weeks returns from the beach next cycle and we are back to normal (whatever normal is for us). Till then, stay safe. Good night.

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