Monday, June 1, 2009

Hump Day for A Shift

We had HazMat training today at Station 2 with Big Trav doing most of the instructing with Jim Cady assisting. This class was an awareness for what to do in case something happens with all the dangerous chemicals that travel up and down our roads and train tracks. The best thing I ever learned about HazMat incidents was to hold your thumb up and if you could still see it you were way to close. Thanks to all the Glow Worms that love to suit up and get in the Hot Zone to do their work. It was a great refresher for some of us that do not deal with HazMat very often and as you can see we set up the decon station for practice.
If you didn't know our very own Lt Goodwin(Good-O) is off for a couple cycles so Duane Noell has stepped up to the challenge of filling Lts shoes. I will have to admit it is quite a change but we seem to be adapting very well so fa to Lt Duanes stricter ways.
Today has been a fairly quiet day so far but we all know it is a beautiful warm night so we are not getting to comfortable. If anything exciting happens later on we will update and if not have a safe quiet night and A shift will be back on Wednesday.

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