Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slimmer A Shift

Some of us here at Station 9 A Shift have started working out to try to get back in shape and shed some unwanted pounds. Dixon and I(Beans) have started the P90X workout, Lt Good-O has been working out like he normally does(upper body only)and Wheels has been getting back into the gym from his past injury. The one we have not convinced to get back into shape yet is Duane(Lt Chief) who by his standards does not have to work out since he is in compliance and a specimen of muscle like no other. As you can see by all the pictures I believe he does do one thing very well, and that is making sure the kitchen is always open and their are no left overs going to waste. Normal meals for this man are served on platters and he eats cereal out of mixing bowls because the cereal box itself want hold milk. The next time you see Duane out looking for something to eat or as he says "just something to snack on" tell him how good he looks and ask him about his hero Tiny. Till next cycle be Safe.

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