Friday, June 19, 2009

A-shift returns.

Hey folks we are back. A-shift returns. Seems FF Franks has been too busy on the box to post anything while I was on vacation. If you see him, give him a hug. Today our Captain is somewhere in the OBX. The day has been busy with the normal duties, CE EMS class, Hydrant maintenance and some 3rd person time for our pal Jerry. We would like to thank Lt. Leroy "I am almost retired" Edwards for spending the day with us from #13. He told us stories of how he used to take care of the horses and pull on the 6 man team when the horses were tired. He remembers playing in the field as a child where station 9 is today. Another tale he shared of when we went from buckets to hoses. All in all, it was a great day having him here.
A few runs today kept us busy. No fire pics to share just yet. The pics we are posting are of the infamous FF/Paramedic John "CLEAR!" Dixon and Lt. Edwards during our EMS class. Also some pics of temporary Lt.assigned: FF(Lt) Duanne "Hell yeah I am taking the test, this Lt. stuff is awesome" Noell driving E9. To follow it up, a shot of Franks taking Old Glory the dark......again. It is still hot as you know, gun shots are ringing out, and the neighborhood bar is open. Looks to be an eventful tour. Goodnight to all, be safe and keep it in the house.


Anonymous said...

i was starting to wonder if all you guys gave up on this site, is is fun to read and glad to see you are back.

Anonymous said...

Leroy doesn't still work here does he? He would be over a hundred years old!

Anonymous said...

Actually he is 345 years old, we believe he may be a vampire. All kidding aside, the old fart is outta here in December. We will be sad to see him