Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy 1st day back for C-shift

Sometimes, it takes just a little bit of a push to get back in the groove when coming off a 4 day break. Sometimes it's an early call but there are also times when we need a little outside "boost". Well, the boys always check the back of my truck (aka the Cowboy Cadillac) and this morning they found a little surprise. Always quick on their feet, they decided to get a laugh out of the boys of B-shift..OK out of one of them anyway. Here's the set up and YES it's real and DEAD.

Don't ask how or why he was picked but it seems as though it was Zuga's day today. I'm pretty sure I haven't heard him curse until this morning... never knew he had some sailor in him (lol). Anyway what we really failed to capture on the video (due to the camera position)was him damn near hitting the ground. Here's a hint Zuga.. when on fire, Stop, Drop and Roll. When stepping on a snake...RUN! Here's the video.

After we got ourselves off the floor from laughing, it was time to get to business. Normal duties and then the calls started. A MVA with roll over right off the bat. No pic there, handled by our brothers over at "smoke and more, running 4". After getting back in the house and starting breakfast, BOOM!...and I mean BOOM! Apparently one of our neighborhood squirrels had taken all he could stand. Yep, killed himself by jumping onto / into a large transformer located in the substation just across the street. The explosion shook the station. Power (including all traffic lights) was out for several square blocks. Well, then comes all the alarms etc associated with power outages. Made for a busy morning, and left breakfast half done. Again, always quick on their feet and in an electrical conservation manner that would make our Hippie friends over at the "Green House" proud, the boys got out and fired up the gas grill. Worked great and despite tyrone's pleading, we had sausage gravy and NOT squirrel gravy. No calls from PETA or Station # 3 please.

Washed trucks, washed out the bay and sat down with an old neighborhood friend. Many of the guys on the job here in Roanoke have most likely heard stories from Station 5 about Junior. He always walked the streets around Loudon and always hollered his hellos to the firemen... "SAY FIRE..THAT'S RIGHT..FIRE DEPARTMENT". Just brought back alot of old memories for me but a little before the boy's time. Anyhow, here's a shot of June.

A few more runs including a "code blue" with the part time guys from Medic 101, then dinner and a visit from the "Buckaroo". If you're not a follower of our site, the Buckaroo is my first grandson and next generation firefighter...growing like a weed. Here's a few pics

That's it for now, time to write all these reports.. we'll update later if we get anything news worthy (Saturday night in North never know). Until then, be safe and keep em in the house, C-shift is back Monday and Wednesday. Oh yea, I almost forgot, to all of the mothers out there tomorrow, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY! And to all the firefighters... don't forget, tomorrow's MOTHER's DAY.
Remember, Talk's cheap but it takes money to ride the train! Capt. Wines


Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking about 6 months off my life!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help on the code blue you guys! You all were a big help!


Anonymous said...

this is the way a blog should be ran! All the other one suck! JK....but 3 weeks without a post is boooooorrrrrinnnnnnnngggggg. keep it up Capt.

Anonymous said...

hey cap. do you think the buckaroo will start out a medic like you?