Thursday, May 21, 2009

A-Shift returns for a fire

We rolled into work minus FF Wheeling today. It's prime vacation time and he will be relaxing this cycle. Enjoy it big guy. The rest of us have been staying busy. The box has been out all day with Dr. Dixon and FF/EMT-I Franks tending to those who need them. Christmas (FF Noell), Captain Weeks and Lt. Good O stayed behind to wash/wax the Beast. Well you guys know what happens when you do time. We got the cab waxed and then we caught a nice little shed fire almost in Salem's territory. It was fully involved and giving an impressive smoke show from 26 blocks away. E9, E13, L13, ST1, Battalion 2 and the County's finest along with Salem Police and our own Roanoke City's finest handled with initial units.
After the return to the house, we just put the last of the wax on and began buffing it off when someone at a local school felt the need to see how shiny the Engine was. So they pulled the pull station and invited us over. We said hello and let everyone know that yes, we are here to help, even when it is a false call. Thank you, little butt-head. Back to the house for some of Christmas' fine Italian cuisine. The box was in and out for a few times more. When it settled down, the chores got done. Jerry "Richard Simmons" Franks led the boys in a P90X workout session. Way to go buddy. "BAM.....BAM....BAM"
That's all for now. We plan on staying in, but we realize it's not up to, be safe out there. Catch yous next day.

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