Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time to pump you up!

It appears that due to recent events here on A-shift, FF "I can't fit into the attic" Franks and FF "I am so old I am almost dead" Dixon, have decided to get in shape. Yes summer is approaching and the boys are sweating to the oldies! The plan is to get buff in 90 days. Not like their Lt. Good O.....they are going for upper AND lower body exercise. Here is a quick clip of the fella's rocking those bodies to Richard Simmons or some other kinda VHS program. Jerry already feels something in his belly, he thinks they are abs! Chances are he dropped a few Swiss Rolls down his shirt at lunch. Anyways, best of luck to the guys, cheer them on next time you see them. Franks is easy to find, he is usually in the pastry section of Food Lion. We'll post more later if we run anything cool. So far it's been alarms and EMS stuff. Be safe out there.


Anonymous said...

Nice boots Dixon.....I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Rob Matzuga still the fattest guy on the staff?