Monday, May 4, 2009

No New Pics, So here's some Links

Last day for "C" Shift, then it's off to 4 day break where we will all probably work too much if the weather is decent.

Today has been fairly steady with calls and "to do" list type stuff. First things first we had a broken wheel stud, which believe it or not used to happen pretty regularly. So off to the garage to get that repaired. Afterwards it was off to our annual turnout gear inspection, a few "quick" repairs and we were given the blessing of the Big Show that our gear was good to go.

Back to the station to get some lunch. Nothing beats firehouse chili! Then time to mow the grass clean the truck (so that it will continue to rain), which included pulling the trash line off and scrubbing it along with the ladders. This was all while running a good many calls.

Lastly grabbed some dinner, and begin to wait to see what the night will bring. Sorry there's no pictures of funny videos. We'll see what we can do next cycle for you. Here's some links to websites we often visit.

  •, this site is wonderful for videos and pictures from across the country. I just wish we could see the videos from our city computers.
  • Great blog site with incidents, training and other fire related news from across the globe.
  • Statter911 Covers news related to Fire and EMS, including the politics involved.
  • Apparatus Rosters, incidents, submitted articles from across the Commonwealth of VA
  • Includes "What's in your pockets?", "Tips from the Bucket", training aids, and pictures and videos from companies pre-fire plans and incidents.
  • This is where our very own J. Holmes has begun his new adventure.

Everyone stay safe, if anything exciting happens later we'll get something posted.

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