Monday, May 11, 2009

Middle Day for the boys of C-shift

It's official, in a discussion with our Battalion this morning I learned that our beloved Medic is now the busiest in the city. Despite all the help our part time unit (Medic 101) is giving us, we are still averaging 9 point something calls per shift. The bad news is that most of the runs come after nightfall. I didn't update Saturday's post but with a full moon on Saturday night you can imagine... the boys were SLAMMED..13 runs. So, it was nice to hear it officially but all the boys assigned here already knew. I guess that I should add here as well that I am sure there are several other units that are running close to our numbers. The City as a whole seems to be getting busier and busier and all of our members are doing a great job in providing the best care possible to our city's citizens and visitors. That said, I believe I know why our numbers are so high.. it's Coon. He seems to attract the tones. When Tyrone is the only medic, runs flow in at a nice easy to handle pace. When Coon is assigned, it POURS! He's a poop magnet.. I don't know why, I can't explain it, but let's face it the proof is in the numbers (LOL). Here's a shot of the little stinker with Medic 9.

He's on the Engine today so at least Tyrone and Wheezy might get a little rest.It's been a day of customer service for us today. Smoke detector installs etc. Had a visit by Lt. Bugg's family. Here a shot of him and his daughter Cora.

Got to work with 2 retirees on Medic 101, Gracie and Capt. Lussen. Speaking of retirees, I need to take a minute to make a few very important announcements. Tomorrow we will be having a breakfast for our retirees at the Union Hall located on Patterson Ave. This will be the 3rd time we have done a breakfast for the guys and the first 2 were a huge hit. If you have the time... no let me say it this way.. MAKE THE TIME to stop by. We can always use the extra help plus, watching, talking to and listening to the retirees sit around and tell old war stories is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. Check out some pics of the past events on Rhett's blog here or on Mike Overacker's site here. Speaking of Rhett, he made the front page of a pretty big and decent web site. Check out that article here. Scroll down and read the morning lineup for May 11th. Also I need to let everyone know that this Thursday, May 14th there will be a work day at the Union Hall to fix up the Fire Safety House. Lt. Mark Brown from station # 5-c is leading this effort. Check out the Local's site here for more details. Also check out the pics of the tug or war we entered last Friday for charity. No trophy but a VERY respectable showing. Ok, that takes care of all the announcements, I had better get out here to spot some for Tyrone. Wheezy has had him on a pretty strenuous work out plan the last few weeks. Apparently his old bathing suit has become a little tight and he wants to make sure it fits and he looks his best before his upcoming vacation and annual trip to the big sand box. If you can't remember how good he looks in his suit, here's the link.and here's a pic of the workout

Ok, that's it for tonight unless we get something worth adding. Don't forget the breakfast and Safety House work day. Everyone stay safe and keep em in the house.. I'd hate to see ya lose a 400 dollar hand cart. Capt. Wines


Anonymous said...

its funny how you can spin numbers any way you want. as of 4/1/09 (since jan 1, 2009) mu2 841, mu9 724

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that it is not proper etiquette, and quite dangerous to mention Rhett and Mark in the same post...this could cause a tear in the space time continuum that could crash the whole have been duly warned.

Anonymous said...

Willie, the breakfast looked like a hit. Next time can we have a little more notice and maybe something faxed to the stations for the Union boards?? I'd love to help or attend next time.