Friday, March 20, 2009


Let me be the first to say that YES B-shift I am sorry for busting your chops about posting on the blog. I had no idea the issues ran so deep. Rest assured that C-shift will do all we can to ease your burden whether it be building steps for easier access to the Engine, duct taping old phone books for booster seats, installing a center cab roof mounted mirror for driver / officer visibility or anything else that may help. You can count on us! That said, I just wanted to give a brief run down of the day for us. A-shift had an interesting tour yesterday. Several calls, some heavy damage MVA's and even a gun shot wound in the side parking lot of the station. Our day started off a little bit more to the normal side but you can feel the tension in the air. We were out of service all day due to training at the RTC. The class was "Suspended Ceilings" presented by retired County Chief Poff. A good class for anyone on the job ... things to think about and good refreshers. The class also touched on light weight construction and the hazards there. I will put a link up on the top left of our site for those Brothers and Sisters out there who aren't in the City. Engine 5 covered a stabbing call for us while we were getting our learn on. They later said it wasn't much to it, apparently just a steak knife. Dispatch has warned of "shots fired" in our area multiple times so it seems as though hostilities are picking up a little for the weekend. I hope its quiet and we get some rest tonight. We are all looking forward to putting this cycle behind us and starting our 4 day break. Monday, Wednesday, Friday cycles SUCK! Anyway, here's the photo of training..Chief Poff entangling Coon in drop ceiling track, cross pieces, duct work and wiring...

The most fire we've see this shift has been from Coon's cooking tonight. Zuga better hurry up and pay his tax for the new grill...I'm not sure how many more infernos this ol baby will take.
Speaking of fire, the South Side has been catching. Station 6 in particular. Not just fire but some unusual call as well. Seems as though they have a thing with school buses this cycle. Check out their blog for the details and Lt. Gibson's ( "Smurf" ) first official post ( they even made a bigger web site found here ). Ok, to close I wanted to talk about Tyrone for just a moment. It seems he has been getting a lot of comments following our Wednesday post where the "monster man" was in his locker. Apparently, everyone has been getting a good laugh out of that video as well as some of the other post / videos involving him. Well, for the record, Tyrone is not here strictly for our amusement. He is married. He has a beautiful wife and is a wonderful father to 2 loving boys. He is an excellent Medic and a DAMN good fireman. He has SO much more going for him than just his comical side. A serious firefighter and a "lady's man" to boot... see for yourself.

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