Friday, March 27, 2009

Middle day blaghs

Another cold and rainy day. We hope Bugg is enjoying his vacation this cycle with all this nice weather and all. Rumor has it that he worked his 2nd job today (a substitute elementary school teacher) and got to go on a field trip. We hope he stayed in line, didn't touch anything, didn't beat up any kids for their snacks and wore his helmet on the bus. It's been a pretty quiet day for us so far, the Medic only has 6 in the books and the Engine...well don't tell anyone but we're working on a no hitter. Our morning was somewhat brightened a little. Wheezy was at the Regional Training Center getting his learn on again so we had a fill in from station #2 (aka "The Deuce" because 1 is never enough). Lt. Tina Obrien made the trip and even decorated the kitchen with some fresh flowers.It almost had us feeling like we were at that "other" know the "green" one. Flowers, the fragrance of a woman and a pocket book on the doghouse of the engine..UGGGH! Well, Wheezy made it home just in time for lunch and after filling his little tummy, opened the barber shop. Yep, we do it all here at the rock. Our little Tyrone was on the verge of being transferred to the Hippie Hotel. We weren't sure if he was going for the standard hippie look or starting a mullet...(you know all business in the front and a party in the back) but either way, he needed a cut. Well, the flowbee was out of service (a whole other story involving Coon and his grooming obsession) but luckily I had some cow clippers in the truck. Now, don't panic, Wheezy is a professional and we've passed several heads through 9's house of hair. Some turn out better than others.. here's an exampleWe also learned a valuable lesson today about where you park a vehicle around here. I know we're in a budget crunch and everything but maybe, just maybe we should put in for some type of eco-friendly parking shelter like they probably have over at you know where.
Ok, #13 has already had a stabbing and the runs are starting to pick up City wide so we're heading up stairs to try to hide. Back on Sunday, stay in the house, and BE SAFE!

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