Monday, March 9, 2009

Feels like Monday

Another beautiful day and C-shift is pulling the tour. I feel like I've been here for a week already today. Mondays have a few additional checks etc that need to be performed in the mornings but it's really not that big of a deal. Got all the trucks washed up, hit the grocery store and caught a few runs. Donnie Foutz is our other messenger truck driver (we have 2 who alternate, him and Jimmy "Jimbo" Jennings) and just like Jimbo, Donnie always takes the time to sit down and spread the good word. Jimmy retired from our Department in 2004 and Donnie worked for the Vinton Fire Dept. so both are an excellent fit for the job. Here's a shot from Donnie's visit today.After we all downed 4 or 5 of Wheezy's "gut bomb" hot dogs with chili, we loaded up and headed out for a little training (..YES station #3, we train EVERYDAY). Our training location today has one of those "good news / bad news" stories. The bad news is that it is a closed down retirement home. It didn't have the best reputation, nor was it anywhere near the cleanest place to go BUT, it was the spot I had chosen to put my dad once he retired from the Fire Dept. You see, it is right across the street from a convenience store. Dad could have walked the short distance across the street to buy his supply of Old Milwaukee. The residents also sat on the front porch every day in a very nice glider. By joining them, he would have had a front row seat for watching Engine and Ladder 2 run up and down Williamson Rd. Not to mention also having a nice shady spot for consuming the above mentioned purchase. And, the big bonus was the fact that I had budgeted in to supply him with a full carton of camel cigarettes and 1 brown paper bag per week. You see, dad didn't smoke but, there was one very nice lady who lived there. I figure she was rich because she wore a full length fur coat every day of the year (summer time included). Well, it was rumored that this nice lady traded .... well she traded "stuff" for cigarettes. So you see, dad would have had it made. Close to cold beer, near fire trucks, a working glider / rocking chair in a shaded area and ... the woman in the fur coat for ... well you get the picture. Anyway, they shut it down and now dad just stays on the golf course. The good news to the location is that they shut it down and it is an awesome site for training. We actually used the buildings during the last recruit school. I'm not sure if Lt. Bags or Chief Adkins acquired the location but, we continue to have access to it and it has worked out great. Room for tons of drills...flat roof, peaked roof, searches, single story, 2 story, numerous windows and doors etc. Here's a shot of some vent training.
For all the readers on the job, you may be wondering why an Engine Company has a saw. Well, we do carry a K12 on our War Wagon but we usually keep the abrasive blade on. We encounter a lot of security bars etc in our first due and having the saw with us saves some time vs. waiting on the ladder truck. We changed blades and did some venting just to get some time on the saw and, here in the City, it's not uncommon for an Engine to be assigned "truck work" and vise versa. Anyhow, later on, we caught another "cooker"! I mean it was "that" close to getting away from Wheezy. Had the inferno not been in a 55 gal. drum, I'm scared to think what may have happened.
After extinguishing this inferno, we headed back to the house to begin dinner. Once again, Wheezy pulled though... BBQ chicken, mac salad and baked beans.

What can I say? The boy was raised right and he has a good Captain! Now, if you think the yard bird looks good (and it was) check out what was for desert. Home made banana ice cream! Yep, that's how we roll here at the rock. Nothing like a friendly game of corn hole and some home made ice cream to wind the day down.

There was a little "picking" going on this evening as well. I have always told the boys that "I can tolerate a lot of things BUT, fretting is not one of them". I guess I'll bend that rule a little tonight. "Someone" stopped by for a visit to make sure I seen his new shirt and said he sure hopes it wont make the blog (hint hint). It seems as though there is another station to station friendly rivalry going on.

And to wind things up here, I was issued new gear tonight. YEP, brand new, shinny and clean. I'll add here that all the brothers on the turn out gear committee did a fantastic job of looking out for our safety when specking this gear. Morning Pride won the bid and in my opinion, theres not a better set of gear on the market. JJ Price and Randolph Smiff from down at the "Big Show" handle all the gear for C-shift and they too go above and beyond to take care of the men. Here's the pic, get a good look know what new gear means.

I look like a ROOKIE all clean and pretty. Don't take no wooden nickels, keep em in the house and STAY SAFE tonight. We're back on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Does wheezy do windows too?

Anonymous said...

Love it...1 is never enough!!!!!!How true is that. Maybe not in every department, but in ours for sure.the shirt looks great though.i think you "c" what I mean. Good job deuce!!

Anonymous said...

"Feels like a week" of my life that I will never get back. Thats about how long its takes to read C-shift's post.

Anonymous said...

yea, I agree, but dam if they aint interasteing to read. I said keep em coming and lets see some more scary videos of people peeng in there paints.

Anonymous said...

hope you guys cleaned that grill.
thats why we have to buy a new state of the aart one & somebody pry Zuga's wallet open so we can go get it