Saturday, March 21, 2009

Working Fire A-Shift

Well I had a bunch of ideas to poke at "The Hippies" with, however as the day went on more interesting events unfolded. We started out with the relaxing Saturday routine. Daily duties and another artery clogging breakfast. Thank you Lipitor for keeping the damage to a minimum. After a run to a local building that had yet another vehicle in the fire lane (we've posted on this place before), we enjoyed an oriental delight by Chef FF/Medic Duanne-Banzai-Noell. Shortly after dinner Batt 2, M9, E2, E5, L2 and RS1 responded to a worker on Loudon Ave. They advised smoke showing while in route and E9 was in route for the working fire engine along with M3, Batt 1 and E1. Batt2, E5 and M3 started operations as we arrived in the area. So to help folks out we jumped on one of the NW red hydrants. Pretty standard stuff, right?

Upon arrival to E5 we got out of the beast just in time to see heavy fire now rolling from the door and living room on the A/B corner. Black smoke banked down to the floor. I think my feet hit the curb when the Evacuation was sounded. Dispatch tones went off and it was called. E5 had 2 inside initially. Accountability was immediately taken on the front lawn and all companies were PAR. Its was said one FF was thought to have been inside during the evacuation. Later, I was told by more than one that they had that sick feeling. It took a few seconds to get the PAR but felt longer. E9 grabbed a 2 1/2 and we were waiting for water. We then got the order after units finished hitting it from outside, to make an offensive attack. We knocked the rest of the fire down and along with Lt Simmons and his L2 crew, assured there was no extension. We were advised that we had 2 FF's injured. Both in route to the ER with minor injuries. Later we found both were treated and released.
I snapped a few pics as well as the arriving video. FYI note the wire mesh and metal frame bolted over all of the basement windows. It was a walk out basement on side C, with a ghetto fabulous dead bolt, bungee cord security system, you can't make this up. I think I played part of a song trying to get the bungees off of the door and let E2 in! That's it for now. You guys get better quick and get back out here. If you need anything, let us know!
In closing it doesn't seem right not jabbing the hippies. So while FF Winter is out cruising around Florida on another Green Peace mission saving the whales or something, and the #3-A folks are still licking their wounds from the shut out beating #9-A gave them in pool on St. Patrick's day, remember to be safe and we'll catch yous guys next day!

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