Friday, March 20, 2009

A-shift adventures

Well the day started like any other. Got in and knocked out the daily duties. Washed the beast even with the threat of rain. Tried to be a smart ass and get 13 gals of fuel, but only 12.9 would fit. Hit the local Food Lion for the eats of the day. Beef stew for lunch and Spaghetti for dinner. Simple and good! On the way back we got the first call: The same nasty spot on Shenandoah #9 is all too familiar with. Seems a cement truck didn't like the Toyota full size pick up stopped in the road and took a big bite out of the rear. Blew the cap off of the truck and pushed her into another full size pickup driving the bed into the cab. Folks, anything smaller than these trucks and we would have had a horrible outcome. 1 driver refused and went POV to the ER, M9 transported another that was released today. Amazing they were walking around when we got there. Lesson learned: You may save some cash and the environment with those cute little compact cars, but full size gas guzzlers will keep you alive! Please take note of this lesson, you hippies out at #3.

Got some grub in the belly and took a few to rest and digest. Well seems that dispatch didn't approve of this and rang us down to enjoy the life saving festivities of a multiple GSW victim out in our yard. After a cautious look around and flagging one of Roanoke's finest over, our pt arrived by POV. Yep seems word is out, house on fire or moments to live....just stop on in at #9!Took care of our newest customer and ran the "Gold Alert" on over to every one's favorite Trauma center for some well needed care. Excellent teamwork and a great job done by all. Fellas worked smoothly and were in route in less than the 10 minute goal! Always a treat to turn over a talking pt to the Trauma Room staff. Lesson learned: #9 will work rapidly and efficiently to care and transport a pt in a safe manor. #3 will ask you to take the bleeding out side and they will be right with you after they mop up your mess on their pretty floors.

Next up, yet another MVC. This one was a step down from our pickup sandwich although serious as any. E9 and M9 handled with RS1 and E5 efforts appreciated. Batt2 and Ch2 were in the area and assisted with traffic control and pt care as we shut down Orange Ave NW westbound. Yet another patient transported, and another wreck cleared. The remainder of the day we visited our friends at the local Tower for some EMS festivities. A few other stops for some more EMS fun with some second due medic units, so Dixon and Harrington (on loan from #5) could continue to take the NW beating. Strong work Johnny! Lesson learned for #3: we are better than you, and we know it.

Bed time for the Engine, Medic 9 is still out there. Its too late to care where. Like a kitten you feed, Dixon will make his way back home. You guys be safe, keep it in the house. #3, be safe and keep it in the bio-dome. Good night. Wheels get better, we miss you.

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