Monday, March 23, 2009


Well here we are again. Not too much excitement to report on today at #9. Did the usual in the morning, headed down to #1 so Captain Weeks could attend the Captains Meeting. A few alarms here and there for the Engine and a couple of EMS calls for Medic 9. FF Dixon will be at the wheel tonight as well as the pump panel if need be. Big Matt Wheels continues to be broken. No idea of when he'll return. One of the injured from last days fire was back today. Other than that, we got nothing. If we run into anything interesting these last 10 hours, we'll be sure to blog it. Until next Saturday, be safe. Oh, and enjoy the big tough guy with the glass ankles in our little picture. Sorry buddy! Had to do it.


Anonymous said...

Dixon needs spend some of that down time on his advise column. The unanswered questions are backing up.

Anonymous said...

I must BREAK you!!!!!!