Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caught in the act!

Well folks it is a cold and rainy day here in NW Roanoke city. We (A-shift) are working and missed the parade. At least we have the 17th off. The Green Hippies have invited us to raise a beverage with them on this St. Patrick's day. We gladly accepted and plan on joining them downtown at 1600. Speaking of the hippies! We here at #9 have obtained some interesting information on one of the self proclaimed "environmentally conscient residents of the green mile". It seems that the after parade festivities held at the Union Hall included some fine food and beverages. Well, there was only one from #3 that had showed up to enjoy the fellowship. We were shocked to see FF ****** there without the Green Gang. Even more shocking was how she was eating out of a STYROFOAM container!!!!!! Please see the next section of important information on Styrofoam:

'Styrofoam products are not biodegradable and contribute to landfill pile-ups because it never deteriorates. It also adds to the problem of where to put excess waste products. Waste may eventually have to be dumped into the ocean, which could contaminate the water. Styrofoam also prevents more efficient recycling and better use of resources because it can only be thrown away (though many items could be reused) and must be produced continuously to meet demands, which uses nonrenewable energy and costs more. Paper can be recycled and is bio-degradable.' -

Well, well, well! With all the do-gooders down there at #3, poking fun at us and our lead paint, Asbestos tiles and insulation! I say, How dare you!!! Has this been a farce the entire time?! It appears you may have fooled us until today, but from here on out.....NO MORE! We are onto you, and we'll work night and day to prove that #3 has nothing more than pollution creating, it's all about me, I won't be here in 100 years to worry about it, yeah leave the light on, Slugs like the rest of us! As for the unidentified person in the photo.....good for you! Come on by #9 anytime and spray some CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons for you Haz-Mat fans) charged hairspray, spray paint and deodorant cans with us into the ozone layer. Afterwards we'll dump the recycle bins into the trash cans and change our oil into the grass! Stand up and fight the Green Lie! Until next cycle, be safe.

P.S. I'll leave a styrofoam cup on the hydrant I need you to catch Broadway. Bring the line up to the engine in high idle with all of the lights and generator on, that'll be me.


Jimmer said...

Good one Good-O!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, way to stay true to your roots 3, screw the cute dolphins, let them DIE! Guess you are as good as shipped out of 3 by the time you get back.