Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The return of A-Shift

Here we go again. Roll call! We have Lt. Hudson on loan from #2 until lunch. Then a mole from #3: FF/Paramedic Drew Abel will rock out the rest of the shift with us. Both are watching where they just were on the engine.(Riding backwards) You know I can see the gleam in Abel's eye when we tell Dixon we are gonna swap him for Drew. The day started out with a gas line break. E9 handled alone. Got some video of that response. Hey E3 please note the familiar view for you folks, the back of Engine 9! M9 has been running their butts off. Dixon caught a break from saving lives on M9 to take over for Lt. Good O and get the Captain where he needs to be. That deer eye is working well, not one cone hit on Lafayette construction zone! Attaboy John! Later the company responded to an outlet on fire. E9 and M9 handled that one too. Cut the power and checked the area. All was well and the residents were advised to have an electrician repair it immediately.

A few more runs including back 2 back Melrose Towers runs for the box, and a GSW to a subject for E9. No worries, practice call.....just a BB gun. Thanks to M4 for helping us out.

The other pic of the day was rather rare. The flag was taken down at the appropriate time! Thanks to Dixon. FF Noell was so moved he immediately snapped to attention and saluted Old Glory.

Well that's all folks, FF Franks and Wheels are still broken. Wheels says it is slow going, but it is going. Rumor is Jerry is done faking and should be back next cycle. just in time to pack his stuff for #2. FF Abel? We'll leave the light on for you. Be safe and good night from Station 9.

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